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Monday, 13 August 2012

Millionaire club

I've been working on my dreams which I mentioned in my earlier post. To be able to start my own venture like Mr. Sudir Moravekar. Earlier I said that I don't have any intentions to be a multimillionaire like him but after some time I felt what's wrong in becoming one. Everyone of us today need money and anyone declining it will be a fool. It is my personal opinion so spare me if I'm wrong.

In today''s world you need money for everything. Your income defines the limit of your expenditure as you can tend to spend more when your income increases. It is because since you are earning good amount your demand for luxury items increases. If not luxury you would think of investing the amount and at the end of the day your income seems to be going out rather than in your pocket. So money is such a thing that no individual would say No to. They all want as much as they can get and they will slog it to earn it.

Do you think that Mr. Sudhir Moravekar would say No in spite of the fact that he is a millionaire. I don't think so because from my point of view, Mr. Moravekar would try and invest such additional money in his business and would try to earn more money from it. So now that I've realized that I was wrong earlier, I would make sure that I would try to become a millionaire too.

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