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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Vision for the Year 2015

Panoramic Group: An unique organizational culture of openness, friendliness, team spirit and enthusiasm.

Following their principles of Honesty, Hard Work and Intelligence, Panoramic Group are constantly growing and the total number of  hotels and resorts under the group verify the fact.

United-21 The Grand. the first five star hotel in Pune, of Panoramic Group was launched recently. They have also expanded their operations in Singapore too.  
They hope to continue this march towards making a supreme mark in the field of Hospitality and it is quite possible that there will be more milestones achieved in near future.

Sudhir Moravekar, has been instrumental in leading his organization from the front and the day wouldn't be far when Panoramic Group will be in the top 10 Players in the Hospitality Industry.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Best holiday options with Pancard Clubs Limited

Engaged in the development and maintenance of Recreations Clubs and Hotels, Pancard Clubs Limited, is a group company of Panoramic Group. Pancard Clubs Limited is known for its unique holiday options for customers.

Customers can book their accommodations (room nights) for a specific period in the company's group hotels, clubs, resorts and its affiliations at discounted rates. The unique concept of obtaining room nights for future at a discounted rates is the USP of the company.

Isn't it the best holiday option? You can plan all your vacations without worrying about the accommodation options, as you already have room nights with you. All you need is to intimate before you embark on your journey.

Advantages of PCL Room Nights:
  • Freedom from High Upfront Fees
  • Freedom from Annual Maintenance Fees
  • Freedom from Seasonal Restrictions
  • Freedom to Utilize all Room Nights at Once
  • Freedom from lengthy tenure of Holiday Plans
Upcoming Group hotels include
  • United-21, Goa
  • United-21 Resort, Gunnar
  • United-21, Jaipur
  • United-21, Goa
  • 15 Sukhumvit Residence Bangkok, Thailand

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Panoramic Group Founder Mr Sudhir Moravekar Biography

Sudhir Moravekar is the Indian Entrepreneur and founder Chairman of Panoramic Group of Companies, which is the leading company in hospitality industry, with more than forty hotels in India and abroad. The company is on a boom of acquiring selected properties in metro cities as well as at some of the popular tourist locations. With its headquarters in India it has acquired many prime properties in countries like USA, UK, New Zealand and Thailand.

Born and brought up at Girgaum in central Mumbai, presently he is settled in New York, USA. He completed his graduation in science from the renowned Wilson College in Mumbai. After completing his graduation he tried getting employed in different jobs, but his inner conscious did not allowed him to continue with these employments and in the eighties he tried his luck into the real estate business. This was the very start of his ambitious life continuing his journey by strictly adhering to certain principals like honesty, integrity and hard work.

Watch Hon'ble Shri Sudhir Moravekar's Biography Video!

His religious but practical attitude towards life made him excel in his initial pursuits and this success gave him a confidence to enter into diverse fields like IT. Started his software company in the suburbs of Mumbai, which was doing well upon its inauguration but his mind was attracted more towards the hospitality sector and hence he started acquiring more properties at important locations. Presently his company owns properties at various places like hill stations, wild life sanctuaries, beaches and even at some pilgrim places. These hotels and resorts have become popular by the brand name United-21. And the latest in the series United-21 hotel in Hyderabad has achieved the “Best New Boutique Award” in a very short span of time. The group is providing employment to thousands of IT and hospitality professionals it its offices, hotels and resorts around the globe. The groups hunt for newer pastures is still on and there are many projects in pipeline which will be materialized in near future.

Offices of the company are equally spread in important Indian cities with its headquarters in Mumbai. Panoramic Universal has entered many other diverse businesses like time share, Pancard clubs Ltd., herbal products and last but not the least it has even entered the field of film making by establishing its own production house. “Sangharsh” a Marathi movie which is the very first creation produced by Panoramic group is making good records in the market.

This endless success story of Shri Sudhir Moravekar and his Panoramic Group of companies has still much to include in the coming years.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Inauguration of Sudhir Moravekar's Pancard Clubs Pune

Late Shri Balasaheb Thackeray showered his blessing on Shri Sudhir Moravekar's Initiatives and expressed his best wishes during the Inauguration function of Pancard Club Pune - 5 Star hotel.


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

About Sudhir Moravekar's Panoramic Group of Companies

Panoramic Group is a hospitality company with its head office in Mumbai. Panoramic Group, founded in 1990s, owns and operates 28 hotels & resorts in four countries, which includes India, US, New Zealand and Thailand.

Panoramic Group of Companies is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). Panoramic Group operates three strategic business divisions - Hospitality, Travel and Tourism and Information Technology.

Awards and Accolades

Panoramic Group has been ranked 281 in the MID CAP 500 by Dalal Street, and India’s 2nd best wealth creator of the Decade by the Money Life in 2009.

In 2009, the same year, it was ranked 601 in BT Top Next 500 Companies (2nd of Top 500 Fortune of the Year) by Business Today.


The foundation of Panoramic Group of Companies date back to 1990s by Sudhir Moravekar, the founder chairman of the Group. Panoramic Group has successfully been set it's foot prints at pilgrim age and spiritual destinations like Shirdi, weekend getaway destinations like Karnala, destinations for beach lovers like Kerala, Goa and Malvan also.

It's other divisions are also founded like Magic Holidays, Travelhot and Travel Universally (especially for Travel and Tourism).

Growth Trend

* Work on for consolidation of United 21 brand
* Forayed into Tourism - acquired
* Tourism agencies In USA, India
* Launched own Travel portal
Multi Revenue Model
* Mixed Use Projects to offset high land Prices & faster break even
* Introduce time share & condominium projects for faster pay back & continuous cash flow
* Offer integrated solutions to clients in IT sector.
* Own, run, and manage Star Category hotels in India, USA & NZ

Company Strength & Success

Panoramic Group Of Companies manage to strive consistently to make its identity that can successfully leverage the maximum advantage for each of its members and stakeholders. Panoramic Group has strategically been combined their multi-revenue generating business of hotels with timeshare & Condominiums, clubs & resorts and travel.

Panoramic Group has made its way to grow in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism and Information Technology.

More information about the Group is available at -

Friday, 17 May 2013

Destiny or God's Wish, Future Will Always Be Unknown

The thought which inspired me writing about this stuff was when certain unforeseen events changed my friend's life. It was a long weekend and we friends decided to enter a football tournament organized in our city. Since all of us were a decent players, who had earlier experience of playing a tournament we thought we would win the tournament. We had to pay the entry fee to get into the tournament. 

Since we were sure about winning the tournament we contributed money equally and got into the tournament. Initially we won with ease all our league matches and the quarter final and semi-final matches were a bit tough than the league matches. All these teams didn't stand a chance against us but it all changed in the final. The final match was the game of the tournament. It was so tough that there were players abusing each other, small fights where in referee had to intervene.

The match was decided by way of penalties. We were lucky to win the match and the tournament. During all these matches we were being observed by a selector of a popular football club and he asked three players of our team to play for his club. One of them was my friend who was hardly having any luck with employment. He was thrilled to play for the club but he declined the offer citing the same reason. The coach being a generous person promised him a good job only if he agrees to play for the club.

He was given two options to choose from. One was in Hotel United-21, Thane and other was at a local workshop but in Virar. He chose the first option as the job location was near to his place and also it offered a good reasonable package. He started his practice sessions with the clubs along with his work. Few months later we again met for such a tournament. It was then he told me about his job and his career. He had decided to give his career and start his own venture. Upon inquiry he told that he had learned the story from Sudhir Moravekar, the MD of Panoramic Universal Ltd (PUL), company that manages the hotel he was working in. Even Mr. Sudhir Moravekar had started his company from scratch. He was really inspired by his achievements and he had decided that even he would try and make it really big in the market.

One thing relates to another, who has thought he would quit his job and started his own firm. That's the wonderful thing about future; you never know it might be your destiny or God's wish.

Friday, 3 May 2013

From Street to High Class Life – Good Example to learn from Sudhir Moravekar

There are so many instances where in people carve out their growth with their persistence and grit. Sudhir Moravekar is one of them who with his hard work have created a niche for himself. He himself said that he used to sell tea on footpath for years in India. He managed hardly a one grand a month and it was very difficult to manage his family. The only reason he managed to build a multi-million empire is because he believed in hard work. He is not even embarrassed to mention his past. He had an ambition and a desire to succeed. He is modest when he says that his three principles took him to the position he is in. His three principles are hard work, intelligence and honesty and he still values the importance of these principles. Times have changed, from footpath to five star hotels, but principles are intact along with hunger to grow more. He is from that breed of entrepreneur who started off with only a dream.

Today his company Panoramic group, consisting of many divisions like Panoramic Universal Limited, Pancard clubs Limited and Panoramic Holidays, is one of the leading units in hospitality sectors. It is even said that he used to sell Paan (Beetle leaves) and he is not ashamed of this fact. He says then he had no financial resources to start a business so he had to take up such odd jobs so that he can provide a living for his family. Years later he and his friend decided to start off with a construction company and since it was a partnership business even he was supposed to contribute some funds.

Though he had saved few hundred rupees, it was not enough for the business. His wife, Mrs. Viidyaa Moravekar had her gold mortgaged to help him grow. Trust me when I say that Indian wife’s always sacrifice everything just to see their husband do well. The partners started with a good deal, they purchased a huge plot purchased a land in Lonavala. The idea was to send the plot to buyers in part and earn a good profit on it. They struck gold when they sold the complete plot part by part to NRIs. They had made a considerable profit on this deal. It was only then when he thought of seriously growing in to the same business. He sensed that there are lots of opportunities in real estate sectors and he was sure that his dream of achieving something big would be achieved if he uses his skills and temperament in this field. The rest as they say is history.

Today he will be glad that he took that decision to venture in to real estate business. His real estate business somewhat turned in hospitality and now his company manages hotels and resorts across India, United States of America, New Zealand and Thailand. He doesn’t seem to stop here as he has more plans which he would be implementing very soon. He made a great organization named proudly as Panoramic Universal Ltd.