Blog Updates of Hon'ble Sudhir Moravekar is the founder and chairman of the Panoramic Group, one of the largest conglomerates in the Indian hospitality.

Friday, 3 May 2013

From Street to High Class Life – Good Example to learn from Sudhir Moravekar

There are so many instances where in people carve out their growth with their persistence and grit. Sudhir Moravekar is one of them who with his hard work have created a niche for himself. He himself said that he used to sell tea on footpath for years in India. He managed hardly a one grand a month and it was very difficult to manage his family. The only reason he managed to build a multi-million empire is because he believed in hard work. He is not even embarrassed to mention his past. He had an ambition and a desire to succeed. He is modest when he says that his three principles took him to the position he is in. His three principles are hard work, intelligence and honesty and he still values the importance of these principles. Times have changed, from footpath to five star hotels, but principles are intact along with hunger to grow more. He is from that breed of entrepreneur who started off with only a dream.

Today his company Panoramic group, consisting of many divisions like Panoramic Universal Limited, Pancard clubs Limited and Panoramic Holidays, is one of the leading units in hospitality sectors. It is even said that he used to sell Paan (Beetle leaves) and he is not ashamed of this fact. He says then he had no financial resources to start a business so he had to take up such odd jobs so that he can provide a living for his family. Years later he and his friend decided to start off with a construction company and since it was a partnership business even he was supposed to contribute some funds.

Though he had saved few hundred rupees, it was not enough for the business. His wife, Mrs. Viidyaa Moravekar had her gold mortgaged to help him grow. Trust me when I say that Indian wife’s always sacrifice everything just to see their husband do well. The partners started with a good deal, they purchased a huge plot purchased a land in Lonavala. The idea was to send the plot to buyers in part and earn a good profit on it. They struck gold when they sold the complete plot part by part to NRIs. They had made a considerable profit on this deal. It was only then when he thought of seriously growing in to the same business. He sensed that there are lots of opportunities in real estate sectors and he was sure that his dream of achieving something big would be achieved if he uses his skills and temperament in this field. The rest as they say is history.

Today he will be glad that he took that decision to venture in to real estate business. His real estate business somewhat turned in hospitality and now his company manages hotels and resorts across India, United States of America, New Zealand and Thailand. He doesn’t seem to stop here as he has more plans which he would be implementing very soon. He made a great organization named proudly as Panoramic Universal Ltd.


  1. Wow what a hard work done by Mr Sudhir Moravekar!
    Its amazing to establish such a big empire.
    Really I get surprised of reading this blog of Sudhir Moravekar

  2. Hard work is ok and good but company authority now taking employees for a ride....needy employees are denied with their payments for years....pity after such a hard work of boss
    ...other hod do nothing but put salt on burns