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Friday, 17 May 2013

Destiny or God's Wish, Future Will Always Be Unknown

The thought which inspired me writing about this stuff was when certain unforeseen events changed my friend's life. It was a long weekend and we friends decided to enter a football tournament organized in our city. Since all of us were a decent players, who had earlier experience of playing a tournament we thought we would win the tournament. We had to pay the entry fee to get into the tournament. 

Since we were sure about winning the tournament we contributed money equally and got into the tournament. Initially we won with ease all our league matches and the quarter final and semi-final matches were a bit tough than the league matches. All these teams didn't stand a chance against us but it all changed in the final. The final match was the game of the tournament. It was so tough that there were players abusing each other, small fights where in referee had to intervene.

The match was decided by way of penalties. We were lucky to win the match and the tournament. During all these matches we were being observed by a selector of a popular football club and he asked three players of our team to play for his club. One of them was my friend who was hardly having any luck with employment. He was thrilled to play for the club but he declined the offer citing the same reason. The coach being a generous person promised him a good job only if he agrees to play for the club.

He was given two options to choose from. One was in Hotel United-21, Thane and other was at a local workshop but in Virar. He chose the first option as the job location was near to his place and also it offered a good reasonable package. He started his practice sessions with the clubs along with his work. Few months later we again met for such a tournament. It was then he told me about his job and his career. He had decided to give his career and start his own venture. Upon inquiry he told that he had learned the story from Sudhir Moravekar, the MD of Panoramic Universal Ltd (PUL), company that manages the hotel he was working in. Even Mr. Sudhir Moravekar had started his company from scratch. He was really inspired by his achievements and he had decided that even he would try and make it really big in the market.

One thing relates to another, who has thought he would quit his job and started his own firm. That's the wonderful thing about future; you never know it might be your destiny or God's wish.

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  1. Yes obviously.
    Future will always be unknown.

    Its good post!