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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Panoramic Group Chairman Sudhir Moravekar: Master of All Trades

Chairman & Founder of the Panoramic Group of companies, Sudhir Moravekar, is well known for wearing many hats at one time and juggling successfully between its many roles. After all, his panoramic group, established in 1990, is not a small entity. It acquired 31 operational Hotels and Resorts at exotic locations worldwide. It also have 11 upcoming properties across different destinations. Travelport Travelhot offers interesting & assorted array of travel trips.

Having achieved brand market leadership in India, the Mumbai based Panoramic Group of companies now plans to strategically market its Pancard Clubs Ltd., globally. This is being done with an intent to popularize its clubs, hotels, motels and resorts in the US, New Zealand, Australia and Europe. It also has plans of developing its other group companies including its IT arm, IT Microsystems (I) Ltd., and emerging as an industry leader.

The development functions of the Pancard Clubs are directly led by Mr Moravekar, coming form a middle-class family Mr Moravekar encountered hardship and obstacles in his early youth. His friends, who were born and brought up in the lap of luxury, never lacked money. this disparity fired in him the ambition to achieve success in life. With many difficulties he completed his studies and ventured into several small-time business for 16 long years, giving utmost importance to the these principles of his business which he defines as honesty, hard work and intelligence.

Says Mr. Sudhir Moravekar: "The big break came in 1990 when I started the real estate business in partnership with a fried." His relentless efforts and dynamism ultimately gave him the success he was looking for when he established Panoramic Land Developers in 1990, the first company of the Panoramic Group.

Soon after the near collapse of the real estate market in India during 1994 - 95. Mr Moravekar converted the land for commercial purposes. He envisaged that the place could be used for building clubs, hotels, motels etc. After some struggle initially  in 1998 the company attained some stability and started to grow further. says Mr. Moravekra. "In my 16 years of struggle for success, I realized that honesty is the best policy. Our three corporate principles, Viz honesty  hard work and intelligence can be attributed to the success of our organization. Unless your approach is honest, you cannot get integrated in your work and unless that integration takes place you will not be the able to do hard work. Once these factors are put together then need to apply your intelligence which will give your intelligence which will give you success in your en-devours  In other words flawless work done at the right time will ensure success."

Today, the panoramic group maintains clubs, hotels and motels at various locations in India and overseas. The group has multiple hotels in India and Abroad. It is in the process of acquiring two more hotels in the U.S. According to Mr Moravekar, India's Hospitality industry is more manpower-oriented and hence profitability is less as compared to that in the US or the UK. Says he: "Hospitality business with less manpower increases profitability. Hence our focus is one expanding our business overseas, we need to increase operational efficiency. However, with automation, our Indian Operations are also growing, I think in the next few year, our operations here too will show greater profitability."

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