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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Panoramic Group Founder Mr Sudhir Moravekar Biography

Sudhir Moravekar is the Indian Entrepreneur and founder Chairman of Panoramic Group of Companies, which is the leading company in hospitality industry, with more than forty hotels in India and abroad. The company is on a boom of acquiring selected properties in metro cities as well as at some of the popular tourist locations. With its headquarters in India it has acquired many prime properties in countries like USA, UK, New Zealand and Thailand.

Born and brought up at Girgaum in central Mumbai, presently he is settled in New York, USA. He completed his graduation in science from the renowned Wilson College in Mumbai. After completing his graduation he tried getting employed in different jobs, but his inner conscious did not allowed him to continue with these employments and in the eighties he tried his luck into the real estate business. This was the very start of his ambitious life continuing his journey by strictly adhering to certain principals like honesty, integrity and hard work.

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His religious but practical attitude towards life made him excel in his initial pursuits and this success gave him a confidence to enter into diverse fields like IT. Started his software company in the suburbs of Mumbai, which was doing well upon its inauguration but his mind was attracted more towards the hospitality sector and hence he started acquiring more properties at important locations. Presently his company owns properties at various places like hill stations, wild life sanctuaries, beaches and even at some pilgrim places. These hotels and resorts have become popular by the brand name United-21. And the latest in the series United-21 hotel in Hyderabad has achieved the “Best New Boutique Award” in a very short span of time. The group is providing employment to thousands of IT and hospitality professionals it its offices, hotels and resorts around the globe. The groups hunt for newer pastures is still on and there are many projects in pipeline which will be materialized in near future.

Offices of the company are equally spread in important Indian cities with its headquarters in Mumbai. Panoramic Universal has entered many other diverse businesses like time share, Pancard clubs Ltd., herbal products and last but not the least it has even entered the field of film making by establishing its own production house. “Sangharsh” a Marathi movie which is the very first creation produced by Panoramic group is making good records in the market.

This endless success story of Shri Sudhir Moravekar and his Panoramic Group of companies has still much to include in the coming years.

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